Steel vs Fabric

Steel Buildings verse Fabric Buildings

Sheet steel is a material that is exceptionally durable, yet has the versatility to fulfill the most demanding and innovative designs.

Steel is non-combustible, weatherproof and strong.

Sheet steel is available in a variety of prepainted colours.

Steel buildings are often the more economical alternative when compared on a life-cycle cost basis.

When setting premiums insurance companies look at the quality of the structure and any risks involved due to fire, snow, and wind. Steel buildings are viewed favourably in this light.

Steel Buildings Canada from Bay Shore Steel Buildings

Things to Consider with a Fabric-Covered Building

Fibre-reinforced polyester fabric is combustible and subject to damage by solar radiation, wind and snow.

Fabric-covered buildings need to be tensioned on a regular basis to ensure the material does not flap in the wind, causing damage to itself and affecting the integrity of the structure.

There can be significant added cost to comply with the requirements of the Canadian buildings codes for structural sufficiency and fire protection.

Fabric does not provide the security of steel.

Steel Buildings are Superior

A steel building will ensure many years of uninterrupted service and weather tightness. Today’s steel cladding and building systems are designed to meet the requirements of all Canadian building codes, for local environmental conditions and intended occupancy.

For some agricultural applications a fabric-covered building may be an acceptable choice. However, if you are buying a building to cover product, people or machinery, a steel building provides the necessary secure, long term, economical protection, and lasting value.

Canadian manufacturers of steel cladding and steel building systems have been selling products across Canada for over 70 years. Steel buildings technology and products are being constantly improved, providing better value for the building buyer than ever before. Before making the decision to purchase fabric-covered building, consider the merits of a steel building alternative.

Steel Buildings vs Fabric  Buildings Chart